Boston Globe highlights the questionable foreclosure practices of many banks in Massachusetts

The Latest from HLS Clinical Programs 2013-08-09

Via The Boston Globe:

Some homeowners who say they were not treated fairly during the foreclosure process are going to court and β€” increasingly β€” winning rulings that force lenders to reverse completed property seizures.

Eloise Lawrence, an attorney at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau in Cambridge, said she has helped more than two dozen homeowners overturn their foreclosures in Lynn alone based on problems with right-to-cure notices.

Lawrence said it is especially important that lenders follow the letter of the law in Massachusetts, a state where foreclosures do not go before a judge for final review.

β€œThe bank can take your house without ever going to court, and so properly notifying homeowners of their rights is a critical safeguard against wrongful foreclosures,” she said.