The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau at 100

The Latest from HLS Clinical Programs 2013-11-22

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick ’82, an alum of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, delivered the keynote address during the bureau’s 100th Anniversary Celebration.

During the weekend of November 8-10, the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau hosted a series of 100th anniversary events, including class reunions, meetings, an afternoon keynote address by Patrick, and an evening gala. One guest was the oldest alumnus from the bureau, Judge Robert A. Behrman from the HLS Class of ’50.

“The Legal Aid Bureau was really the only [group] that dealt with the practical, day-to-day life of a lawyer,” said Behrman, 91, who after graduation went into private practice in general law, and then became a judge for 23 years.

Please read the full article by Colleen Walsh on the Harvard Law School News.