An enterprising clinic sends student lawyers into the lab, the barbershop and the labyrinth of condominium governance

The Latest from HLS Clinical Programs 2014-05-15

TLC offers students an incredible chance to gain hands-on experience in particular areas of law while providing a great service to the community and increasing Harvard Law’s presence and good will around the city.”
—Amanda Kool
TLC attorney and clinical fellow Credit: Ethan Thomas Sarah Weiner ’15 Credit: Phil Farnsworth
“We have a wide variety of matters and a mix of clients covering all different sorts of fact patterns, all sorts of industries, and the students learn principles that are applicable across transaction types and contexts.”
—Clinical Professor Brian Price, founding director of the Transactional Law Clinics, which assist hundreds of clients every year Credit: Bob O’Connor Javier Oliver-Keymorth ’15 (left) advised Euan Davis, developer of BarberTime, a media platform for barbershops. Credit: Bob O’Connor Joshua Wackerly ’14, Faith Alexander ’14 and Sarah Weiner ’15 (pictured below) have created a manual for condo owners explaining their rights and responsibilities. Credit: Bob O’Connor Student lawyer Lauren Gore ’15 (left) advised robotics researchers and TLC clients Yaroslav Tenzer (center) and Leif Jentoft.

Via HLS News

In 2010, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—DARPA—put out a challenge. The government agency, which creates national security technologies for the United States, called on researchers across the country to figure out how to improve robotic hands. At Harvard Biorobotics Lab, Leif Jentoft, a Ph.D. candidate, and Yaroslav Tenzer, a postdoctoral researcher, got to work—and started a journey that would include assistance from student lawyer Lauren Gore ’15 through the Transactional Law Clinics of Harvard Law School. The clinics serve community development organizations, low- and moderate-income­ clients, and campus-grown innovators, such as Jentoft and Tenzer, with business, nonprofit, real estate, and entertainment law needs.

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