The FLPC Goes to DC for a Panel Discussion on “Big Government and Big Food vs. Food Trucks, Foodies, and Farmers Markets”

Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic 2013-03-05

On Thursday, February 28, Food Law and Policy Clinic Director Emily Broad Leib participated in a panel discussion at the American Enterprise Institute in D.C. entitled “Big Government and Big Food vs. Food Trucks, Foodies, and Farmers Markets”. The event was about barriers to small enterprises that may not be necessary to protect public health or food safety. In many cases, big businesses push for these regulations that end up posing barriers to entry that keep small farmers and food businesses out.

Broad Leib’s presentation on the barriers facing small-scale food producers (which includes farmers, foodies, and food truck operators) was well-received. “The audience asked a series of questions about what we can do to change these barriers,” she noted, “and we also talked a lot about how these food system issues affect businesses and consumers alike and resonate with people of all ages and across the political spectrum.”

Emily was joined by two other panelists: Baylen Linnekin, from Keep Food Legal, and Doug Povich, from the DC Food Truck Association and Red Hook Lobster Pound.

For those unable to attend the event, the American Enterprise Institute posted the video on their website.