Programs of Study Fellows

HLS Administrative Updates 2012-09-24

Programs of Study Fellows We will be hiring several students as fellows for the Programs of Study at HLS.  The Programs of Study are Criminal Justice; International/Comparative Law; Law and Business; Law and Government; Law, Science, and Technology; Law and Social Change. See for more information. The Programs of Study combine classroom courses, clinical courses and placements, fellowships and research opportunities, and emerging on-online communities connecting students, faculty, and alumni around the topics, careers, research, and conversations relevant to the particular program of study area. In collaboration with the faculty leaders for each Program of Study (POS), fellows will be responsible for thinking creatively about the shape and elements of one of the programs of study; working to build and encourage an active online community for that POS; developing online content; monitoring Law School and University events that might be of interest to students in a particular POS; helping maintain the POS site, and offering student leadership for ongoing POS development. Interested students should apply for a particular Program of Study fellowship; currently there are no openings for the Law and Social Change Program.  Successful candidates will have a strong and demonstrated interest in the Program of Study subject matter; good web-based technical skills; experience with online communities; good judgment; leadership skills and ability to work both independently and collaboratively with faculty and peers.  Up to two students are assigned as fellows for each Program of Study.   Fellows will earn $15/hour. To apply: Submit a short statement of interest identifying your relevant background and initial ideas, along with a transcript and resume to Julie Barton at  jbarton at Application deadline is October 12.