ArXiv racing toward the one million mark.

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"Today has 999,848 eprints on deposit. If you care about major open-access milestones, or if you just like seeing odometers roll over to large round numbers, watch in the next day or two for its one-millionth deposit. Kudos to +Paul Ginsparg and the arXiv team for this achievement. Thanks to their work, physics is the field with the highest level and longest history of OA archiving. For the same reasons, in physics, researchers lead and publishers follow. (For example, publishers accept submissions from arXiv, host their own mirrors of arXiv, and through SCOAP3 are moving to gold OA rather than trying to derail green OA.) For the same reasons, arXiv shows that green OA can rise to roughly 100% in a field without harming incumbent publishers. ArXiv is an existence proof that OA can become the default in a field without waiting for publisher permission, market shifts, institutional policies, or legislation. It just takes existing infrastructure and the willingness of researchers to follow their own interests."


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