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"I just wanted to contribute to the discussion on APCs and also translation into other languages. The model which we have adopted at ecancer is to support the activities of the journal with income derived from other areas of the organisation (events management, sponsored filming, elearning etc). We provide free translation into English of Spanish and Portuguese submissions (in conjunction with Translators without Borders) and publish both versions open access.


We also have a Pay What You Can Afford model so that only authors who have funding specifically earmarked for dissemination of their results need to pay towards publication. More detail here:


We have had a lot of feedback from authors from LMICs [Low and Middle Income Countries] as well as those in the West who work for charities or just have little funding who have said the free publishing and translation has been invaluable to them. Our elearning is also free and we translate that into as many languages as possible for the targeted area (i.e. Prevention and Treatment of Cancer of the Cervix in India elearning modules have been translated into Hindi, Telugu and Bengali). We also have text only versions to combat low bandwidth issues.,,,"


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