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"The maintenance of knowledge base metadata across the scholarly publishing supply chain is a difficult task. Many publishers and content providers supply KBART-formatted title lists to a few commercial knowledge bases, each of which must consume, normalize, disseminate, and update that data in an endless cycle. Libraries, as consumers of this data, participate in the supply chain by performing quality control and reporting errors back to their knowledge base vendors. However, each library’s efforts benefit only those others who happen to subscribe to the same product. The current supply chain is messy, duplicative, and entwined with proprietary products.

GOKb’s mission is to solve problems across the supply chain by providing a central, open platform where stakeholders can create and share metadata of interest to the community. Within GOKb, participants can work on creating high-quality data in areas that mesh with their skills and priorities. The data can then be reused by anyone, for any purpose. Potential use cases include knowledge bases providers looking to supplement their data, libraries building open source software, and individuals experimenting with open data...."



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