Elsevier: the price of success

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"In its most recent publication, Education International examines the publishing giant Elsevier, whose success on the market is based on ethically questionable practices which endanger the transmission of knowledge and its condition as a public good.

Entitled “Democratizing Knowledge: A Report on the Academic Publisher Elsevier,” the report was drawn up for Education International (EI) by the researcher and teacher Dr Jonathan Tennant. It contains an analysis of the practices of publishing giant Elsevier, the market leader in the publication of articles and periodicals of academic research, and the consequences of its dominant position on the academic and research community....

The ethically questionable market practices of Elsevier highlighted by the research study of EI include:

-          The use of confidentiality agreements to prevent its clients from knowing how much each of them pays for the services of Elsevier, thereby impeding competition;

-          Lobbying against progressive free access policies;

-          The generation of net annual profits of around 37% thanks to public funds, which account for 68% to 75% of its revenues;

-          The provision of data and analysis for the rest of the publishing industry, thereby entering in a major conflict of interest....



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