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"Given that science pretty much invented what we now call the open-source approach, it's rather ironic that the scientific community is currently re-discovering openness, in what is known as open science. The movement is being driven by a growing awareness that the passage from traditional, analog scientific methods, to ones permeated by digital technology, is no minor evolution. Instead, it brings fundamental changes to how science can—and should—be conducted.

The open science revolution can be said to have begun with open access—the idea that academic papers should be freely available as digital documents....

Indeed, even as the open science movement gathers momentum, open source is conspicuous by its absence. For example, in 2016, the Council of the European Union issued its important policy statement titled "The transition towards an Open Science system", in which open source it not mentioned once. Neither does the 2017 European Open Science cloud declaration. The 2018 Advancing Open Science in the EU and the US workshop also seems to have overlooked this aspect. More recently, The National Academies Of Sciences, Engineering, And Medicine published a "New Framework to Speed Progress Toward Open Science". In it, the power and success of open source is mentioned no less than 20 times, which is great. Unfortunately, the final recommendations do not include promoting open source as part of open science...."



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