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"While open access to peer-reviewed publications is important for achieving open science, this is just one part of the solution; data and study materials that underpin findings also need to be as open as possible.

Plan S principles touch upon the need to change the incentive structures for researchers, but FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) open data is left out of the picture. The international consortium of research funders, the cOAlition, could have used its Plan S announcement to signal that funders will soon be turning attention to FAIR and open research practices. This would help reproducibility to be considered as a part of the research lifecycle, rather than risk it being an afterthought.

To ensure reproducibility is justly considered, a group of academics recently established the UK Reproducibility Network, which has grown rapidly in just a few months. Top of the list of actions for this group is the promotion of open research practices and carrying out meta-research into how effective such initiatives are. The network will provide a platform to advocate for specific practices, in an evidence-based way, and provide training for UK researchers.

Around the globe, others are investigating how to support researchers to produce more robust evidence, such as the Center for Open Science in the US, which has links with programmes in Japan and Canada.  ..."


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