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"The AAPM and Wiley are working to ensure that the JACMP will be compliant with all the particulars of Plan S and therefore be eligible as a Coalition approved journal.

Not surprisingly, publishers have given Plan S a frosty reception. The policy “potentially undermines the whole research publishing system,” said Springer Nature, which publishes more than 3,000 journals, including Nature. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which publishes Science, said it would “disrupt scholarly communications, be a disservice to researchers, and impinge academic freedom”. ...

In my view, this would seem to be the most likely eventuality: I believe the goals of Plan S could eventually be realized, perhaps substantially by 2025, and almost completely by 2030. It might be that the revenue currently enjoyed by the large publishers and scientific societies, could be reduced by 15% or more. This is just a guess, but a much more informed one than 20 years ago. Plan S could eventually succeed, and if it does, it may result in a publication model that better serves the public interest. For the JACMP, the next years could result in continued growth, particularly in Europe and China, where there is anticipated to be significant momentum to publish in Gold open access journals that are compliant with Plan S and the goals of cOAlition S...."


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