UKeiG CPD Workshop: Open access, open monographs, open data, open peer review

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"The concept of Open Access to research outputs has been common currency for many years. The rapid growth of the Internet has made different publication models easily available. More recent thinking has expanded the concept of openness even further, to Open Science, which aims to transform science by making research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society. This approach is being embraced by all academic disciplines. The shift is extremely important for the development and exploitation of research, and hence for the professionals who support it....

Research support, information and library professionals keen to understand the impact of Open Access, Open Data, Open Peer Review and Open Science on their organisations and on current and future service provision. The key aim of the workshop is to provide a state of the art overview of Open Access issues and to encourage discussion amongst library and information professionals who support research. It will benefit LIS professionals across all subjects...."


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