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"If you edit, review, or author articles in an Elsevier journal and support the principle that all academic research should be openly accessible to academics, PhDs in industry, policy makers, and the general public who funds research, you're invited to sign this petition in support of an Open Letter to Elsevier, co-authored by members of Elsevier editorial boards. 


This letter, pasted below and available with links to sources here ( supports a recent proposal by the University of California to renegotiate its terms of subscription with Elsevier, in a deal that would have retained existing journals, editorial teams, and even Elsevier profits, but would have funded Open Access publishing charges for UC authors, making their work openly accessible. Unfortunately, Elsevier rejected this proposal, leaving the UC without an active subscription. We urge Elsevier to reconsider the UC proposal, and we support the University of California's effort to transform our current academic publishing system to one in which journal subscriptions include fees to fund Open Access for all research...."


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