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"A grassroots journal collects, assess, categorises and ranks all articles relevant for a specific topic/community.

Thus it brings together articles that are now spread over many publications and helps novices and experts a better access to the scientific literature.

It differs from a traditional journal in that it does not publish articles, but only reviews them. In this way we can build up a reputation for good review, while also reviewing articles, which normally would not be submitted to a new journal.

It has a narrow scope. This means that the editors know the reviewers well and can assess the reviews well. This also limits the amount of work.

It keeps the reviews up to date, so that if new research invalidates an article or shows it to be more or less important this can be taken into account.

It includes articles of all quality levels. This saves half the work as there is no need to review an article multiple times because it was rejected for not being glamorous enough.

It differs from an overlay journal, which only reviews manuscripts published in repositories, in that it reviews the complete scientific literature: articles, manuscripts and extended abstracts. This is more useful for the readers...."


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