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"Research funding organizations sustain and accelerate research and scholarship. They are a crucial part of the ORCID community, and have been involved with ORCID from our earliest days. Funders engage with ORCID, and encourage their communities to do so by integrating ORCID iDs into their workflows, by stating their support for ORCID, and by implementing policies to increase the adoption of ORCID iDs.

The value of identifiers to funding organizations is clear: funders gather a lot of information about research activities, and identifiers can streamline the process of gathering that information, and help to make it more accurate. Funders use ORCID iDs to make funding applications and outcome reporting easier, to improve the reusability of the information they collect, to ensure the accurate citation of an award (by pushing award information into ORCID records), and to recognize the contributions of reviewers. 

The following funders have issued a policy or statement relating to the use of ORCID iDs...."


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