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Abstract:  The Open Access Movement promote disseminate scientific research and data that can be accessed by many parties, both amateur and professional. The research was done to elaborate the relation between the movement and Islamic Higher Education in term of principles and implementation. Through literature study and fieldwork observation, it is found that the spirit of Open Access Movement has already embedded in Islamic Higher Education through volunteerism, openness and selflessness in Indonesian Islamic universities. This movement is also conformable with general Indonesian Islamic education, which has been spread out as the terms: Tuan Guru, Kyai, Buya, Ajengan and other experts Appellation. All have been contributed in spreading knowledge with volunteerism and non-profit. The implementation of Open Access in Islamic Higher Education has been done through Open Journal System and some lecturers in everyday coaching. The openness and free coaching reach the spirit and slogan of Indonesian Ministry of Religion, Ikhlas Beramal (Work with Sincerity).


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