Understanding and negotiating book publication contracts

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"The key to any successful negotiation is preparation. Before you begin to negotiate, consider what you hope to gain from the relationship with your publisher. While authors, in general, share a common goal of wanting their book to be widely read, what they hope to get out of a publishing deal may vary significantly. For example, it may be important for you to have language in your contract that allows you to: • Retain your copyright; • Give permission for others to freely use your book by making it openly accessible; • Use your own work in the future; • Protect yourself from frivolous claims that may arise from the publication of your book; • Publish additional works on a similar topic; • Make your book available at an affordable price; • Provide input on design choices, like the book’s cover art and title; Be paid fairly for your work; or • Easily get your rights back if your publisher is no longer making your book available or your book is no longer selling well...."




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