Open Access Journals in the Middle East and Iran

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"Almost 650 journals are currently published in the Middle East ( Almost two-thirds of these journals are published in Iran ( Many research institutions publish their own journals. For some incentives, even a single university publishes several journals. For example, currently Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences publishes 62 journals (; Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 57 ( This large number of journals published by a scientific institution such as a university in a developing country, is because the raison d'être for scientific publishing in developing countries is quite different from that in developed nations....

All, but a few, of these journals are OA. In fact, almost all biomedical journals published in the Middle East (and many other developing countries) have been published and distributed internationally gratis long before the era of the Internet, online publishing, and the OA movement. They have merely published for enjoying the prestige and bringing promotion credit for the institution and the faculty members. After the introduction of OA movement, nonetheless, another incentive has come into play—making money...."


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