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"However, a delay even of just a few hours imposes a limitation; there are many situations where extracting concepts in real time would be very valuable. Fundamentally, a key stage in the academic researcher journey is reading articles and chapters. Given that 4,000 new STM (science, technology and medicine) articles are published every day, a researcher needs assistance to identify which articles should be read in detail; it simply isn’t possible to scan all the relevant-sounding articles by hand.  In addition, a researcher might want to look at concepts for a manuscript that has not yet been published.

It is for this reason that UNSILO is developing real-time concept extraction. Labelled “Insights”, the system is now running successfully on the UNSILO development servers, and the first results are now visible. The system is trained on an existing corpus, for example of open-access content, but it could also be the publisher’s existing collection of published articles and chapters...."




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