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"OAPEN Foundation (Netherlands) and OpenEdition (France) are pleased to announce the creation of DOAB Foundation as a joint venture between the two partners. The mission of the new foundation is to provide an independent and trustworthy Directory of Open Access Books to the academic community and the general public....

 In 2012, OAPEN and OpenEdition partnered in DILOH. This is a project funded by the French government under the “investissement d’avenir” label to enable the French academic production in social sciences and humanities reach an international audience and support the development of DOAB. • In 2017 OAPEN and OpenEdition partnered with eight other parties in HIRMEOS, a project funded by the European Commission under the framework “Horizon 2020” to develop innovative services for open access books. In HIRMEOS, OAPEN and OpenEdition worked together to add a Certification service on peer- review to DOAB....

In the coming months, OAPEN and OpenEdition will work together with other OPERAS partners to upgrade the DOAB platform and integrate it in its institutional context: DOAB will eventually become one of the core services of OPERAS, the European research infrastructure for open scholarly communication in social sciences and humanities...."


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