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"The information below sets out guidance for publishers on registering license metadata with Crossref. This is to help academic institutions: they need to identify the articles written by their researchers, and also understand how they may use them – and to do so in an automated, machine-readable way.

Institutions need to know which article version may be exposed on an open repository, and from what date. It is no longer sufficient simply to describe in words how they may calculate the embargo end-date, for example, by referring them to a general set of terms and conditions that apply to all of your content across its whole lifecycle – they need to know whether this version of this article can be exposed on their repository and, if so, from what specific date, and what repository readers can then do with the content they find there.

The Crossref schema contains all the fields you need to specify this unambiguously. By doing so, you can also be more confident that institutions will have the information they need to respect your terms and conditions...."


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