Introducing Hypergraph (Beta) 🎉

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"The beta release of Hypergraph is here 🎉 If you want to dive in immediately, download Hypergraph (Beta) for WindowsmacOS, or Linux....

In Hypergraph, you only have to indicate what step you're taking, link it to the step(s) it follows from, add relevant files, and indicate what file you want people to see first. This means that you can share all kinds of steps in your research—the theory, predictions, transcripts, materials, code, data, results (and more). Plus, you can share files such as Jupyter notebooks, scripts, data files, videos, audio files, text, and any other open file format.


When you share your latest research step, your peers can immediately see it, link next steps to it, and help you improve it. You share when you're ready....

We based the design and development of Hypergraph on a few core principles (in no particular order):

  • Hypergraph is open source
  • Content is 100% free-to-access and free-to-play
  • You can build on anything others share
  • Content can travel between applications (i.e., interoperable)
  • It adds direct value to the researcher's work

In other words: No paywalls, no publishing costs, no hidden costs, no copyright headaches — just your and others’ research work...."


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