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"Today, in partnership with the Open Data Institute (ODI), we are delighted to announce an open call for participation in a new Peer Learning Network for Data Collaborations. Peer learning networks are an important tool to foster the exchange of knowledge and help participants learn from one another so they can more effectively address the challenges they face.

In April, with the launch of Microsoft’s Open Data Campaign, we committed to putting open and shared data into practice by addressing specific challenges through data collaborations. For a data collaboration to achieve its goals, there are many factors that must come together successfully. Oftentimes, this process can be incredibly challenging. From aligning on key outcomes and data use agreements to preparing datasets for use and analysis, these considerations require time and extensive coordination....

Awardees will have the opportunity to:

  • receive up to £20,000 for their time over the six months of the peer learning network
  • learn about and receive guidance from the ODI and Microsoft on different technical approaches, governance mechanisms, and other means for managing data collaborations
  • connect with peers also working on these challenges

For the purpose of the Peer Learning Network, data collaborations are defined as:

  • involving a collaboration of companies, research institutions, non-profits, and/or government entities
  • addressing a clear societal or business-related challenge
  • are working to make their data as open as possible in the context of the collaboration (collaborations working with restrictions related to privacy or commercial sensitivity are encouraged to apply)
  • ultimately demonstrate increased access to, and/or meaningful use of, data in reaching the specific goal ..."


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