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"In discussions and forums this year a number of ideas surfaced on how CRL can begin to address these challenges.Two promising possibilities involve increasing investment in open access and shared resources:    

  1. What if we shifted resources we now use to acquire, store, and lend paper and microform collections to digitizing those collections and unlocking them for researchers worldwide? Such an effort could leverage CRL's long history of cooperative investment in collections. It could also build upon the support CRL now provides existing cooperative digitization efforts like the Area Materials Projects and Global Resources programs, harnessing the same member expertise and energy that have driven CRL's paper and microform acquisitions to date.  
  2. What if instead of waiting for digital collections and resources to come to market, we instead proactively supported the efforts of organizations upstream to gather and preserve critical digital content and data?  That would involve shifting the focus of CRL licensing from negotiating the purchase of databases and digital collections curated and packaged by vendors, to directly supporting efforts by nonprofit, civil society and university-based initiatives, favoring open access and transparency...."




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