Libraries Abandon Expensive 'Big Deal' Subscription Packages to Multiple Journals - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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"In late 2008, the University of Oregon's library faced a financial double punch. The recession meant belt tightening across the university at a time when the rising cost of journal subscriptions had already put a strain on the library's budget....Something had to give. That something, as it turned out, was Oregon's so-called Big Deals with two heavyweight publishers, Elsevier and John Wiley & Sons....At Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, another institution under pressure to make ends meet, those deals were eating up 40 percent of the library's materials budget. Both Southern Illinois and Oregon recently turned their anxiety over Big Deals into action. They renegotiated some and cut others altogether in favor of a return to individual subscriptions. The savings: as much as several hundred thousand dollars. The consequences many libraries have feared—loud objections from faculty members and financial penalties from publishers—have not come to pass...."


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