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"Research Information Management (RIM) is an area of considerable growth for North American institutions today. Research universities like the University of California, the University of Michigan, and Virginia Tech use RIM systems in support of a variety of use cases. A recent OCLC Research report documents the RIM practices at five US case study institutions, and identifies six RIM use cases:

  • Faculty activity reporting (FAR)
  • Public portals for expertise discovery and showcasing research
  • Metadata reuse
  • Strategic reporting and decision support
  • Open access workflows
  • Compliance monitoring ...

But as we move farther downstream, we can start to observe problems. For instance, the metadata record for the work in ProQuest’s OASIS platform now indicates a single author instead of multiple editors. Even more concerning, there is no record of the open access version! Without further investigation, the librarian wouldn’t know about the OA copy and might unwittingly spend $45 USD on the print copy. This can have a significant impact on the discoverability of and access to the open access version, as this information may then fail to flow into library catalogs...."



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