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"OASPA is pleased to announce our next webinar which will focus on business models for open access books. It will present a new online resource, in which a range of open access book presses from different countries around the world share their business model including: how it works, why it took the form it did, and the specific factors that shape and guide its ongoing development. The collection will be open for other presses to add their own business models, and it will be a resource for consultation by anyone interested in this issue.

The webinar will be chaired by Lucy Barnes of Open Book Publishers, an independent, non-profit and scholar-led OA press based in the UK, who will also speak about the project as a whole. We welcome our panelists, who represent several of the presses contributing to the collection: Francois van Schalkwyk who will present on African Minds, an open access, not-for-profit publisher based in South Africa; Beth Bouloukos will cover Lever Press, an open access press supported by more than 50 liberal arts institutions in the USA; Julien McHardy will speak about Mattering Press, a UK-registered charitable publisher of OA books; and Vincent W. J. van Gerven Oei will conclude on punctum books, an independent, OA, para-academic and queer-led press based in California.

The panellists will each speak for 10 minutes, and then we will open it up to questions from the audience and discussion."



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