Research and research-enabling services must be excluded from requirements of the Digital Services Act - The Guild

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"The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities joins a coalition of organisations representing Europe’s universities and other organisations enabling, funding and performing research to issue an urgent call to exclude not-for-profit research and research-enabling services from the obligations of the Digital Services Act.

The Guild shares a deep concern that universities are likely to be affected by the proposed Digital Services Act. The use of digital repositories, archives and libraries by researchers, and the accessing of digital content by students and researchers alike, must continue to be unfettered. This is essential for academic freedom, and the public interest. The Guild shares a concern with other European organisations representing universities and other organisations, that the Digital Services Act would impose significant additional costs and administrative burdens on universities. It is therefore essential that the Digital Services Act exempts public research (and all those services supporting it), as well as the impact and public outreach stemming from publicly funded research and education, from its obligations...."


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