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"At the beginning of 2022, the LIBER FIM4L Working Group and Elsevier held a series of talks on the topic of federated access.  Federated access, also called Shibboleth or SSO, can be used by libraries to provide access to electronic resources. During the login process information about the user is (often) exchanged with the publisher. The library, publisher, and user can decide which information to share... Points of consideration for anonymous login: Not all Elsevier products support anonymity. If an anonymous, logged-in user decides to set up alerts at e.g. Sciencedirect, they will be informed that they should log in first. Then they probably create a new user account, perhaps apart from an existing one, and their current session gets terminated. When an identified user logs out, they cannot log in anonymously anymore in that session.   If anonymous login would be officially supported by a publisher, then it is important to inform a user using very clear communication. This is difficult for two reasons: Users do not understand these login differences and there could always be cases during the user’s journey where they might not at all be informed...."


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