Challenges for OA Repositories in Academic and Research Institutions - YouTube

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"Learn from a panel of experts more on the new Open Access models and explore possibilities of new ones that could come into play in the near future.

This webinar aims to explore: ✔️ Scholarly communications and the IR movement; current developments of IRs in the wake of the shift towards Open Access. ✔️ What are the still prevalent barriers related to increased data and research outputs management? ✔️ What are some emerging trends and new technologies coming into play? ✔️ Sustainability and viability for institutional open access repositories ✔️ How do publishers interact with the Open Access Repositories? Panelists & access to slides 1️⃣ Kathleen Shearer - Executive Director @COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) Slides here ➡️ 2️⃣ Rob Johnson - Founder & Managing Director @Research Consulting Slides here ➡️"


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