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From the new Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) policy. The policy doesn't cover all NZ public funders. But MBIE is the largest NZ public funder. "5.1 Summary This policy requires that all peer-reviewed publications arising from research funded through research investment processes administered by MBIE be made available with Open Access (free of charge, online access for any person) through one of the approved pathways. These must be made available either: (a) immediately on publication; or (b) where a publisher policy requires an embargo period, immediately at the end of the embargo period or 12 months after the date of such publication, whichever is earlier. 5.2 Pathways to Open Access For the purpose of this policy, the following publication pathways are considered acceptable: (a) publication in a fully Open Access journal (i.e., Gold OA); or, (b) deposit of an acceptable version in a suitable online repository (i.e., Green OA)... 5.2.3 Author rights Authors must publish their outputs in a way that allows them to retain sufficient rights to comply with the policy, either by retaining copyright over their published works (as opposed to transferring copyright to the publisher), or by publishing their work in a journal that permits them to deposit their manuscript in an Open Access repository...."


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