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"It will be essential to easily identify works which are not protected by copyright anymore (public domain works) or which can be used freely under open licences. This can be achieved by developing databases that can allow the identification and reference of Public Domain and openly licensed works. Such databases could have an added value by increasing opportunities for the re-use of public domain cultural heritage beyond the scope of Article 17, by making those works and their public domain status more readily available....

This Pilot Project would consist in a feasibility study, to confirm that there is an actual market failure and to confirm the risk of over-blocking such public domain works, as well as to determine the technical needs, including from platforms, and ensure the buy-in from stakeholders. The project would also develop a prototype database that could be used, referenced and augmented by platforms, content providers, institutions of the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) or other non-forprofit organisations working with public domain or freely licensed content. Such public repositories of freely reusable works could help to unlock the societal value of these works, and thereby truly enable access to and promotion of culture, and the access to cultural heritage...."


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