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"For those who may not be aware, e-reserves are a practice by which universities can share course materials with students, relying heavily on fair use.  Basically, it used to be that professors would have to reserve printed materials in the university library for students, the school paying permission fees for each printed copy.  In the digital world, of course, this is wholly unnecessary.  Professors more often put a single copy of the reading material up on a school server, slap some password protections on it to make sure only students of the class have access, and all of that dead tree copying suddenly becomes antiquated.  This, of course, is great for education, as students who are already paying rising costs for course material and tuition suddenly don’t have to share in the materials cost for digital goods now protected under fair use.  It’s a huge win for higher education, something every good citizen realizes is of rising importance in the global economy.

So, of course the content creators are suing.  Specifically in what reeks of a test case, Cambridge, Oxford, & Sage publishers are filing against Georgia State University and asking the court to issue one of the all-time-detrimental-to-education injunctions in the modern era...."



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