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"If we want to solve the world’s most pressing problems, the knowledge about those problems must be open. Climate change, and the resulting harm to our global biodiversity, has been one of the world's most pressing problems for decades. 

Climate and biodiversity knowledge (research, data, educational resources) needs to be accessible and easy to share to ensure that researchers, policymakers, educators, civil society organizations, advocates, voters, citizen scientists, journalists, and others can find it, read it, and build on it. Creative Commons (CC) and our partners launched the Open Climate Campaign to open up research on climate change, and the Open Climate Data project to facilitate the opening and sharing of climate data available across the globe. 

CC launched the Open Climate Data project in Spring 2023 to facilitate the opening and sharing of climate data available across the globe. This landscape analysis assesses the openness of key large climate data providers from around the world, detailing how their climate data can be found, accessed and reused. We surveyed a range of organizations and institutions that provide data on behalf of national, intergovernmental, and/or global populations and are both publishers and sources of climate data. Our goal was to understand how their data is accessed in terms of findability, accessibility, technical interoperability, and reusability (as dictated by licensing terms), in accordance with the FAIR principles. We examined how these climate data providers share their data today, and also provided a baseline of open climate data knowledge for stakeholders (including the Open Climate Campaign) working on access and better sharing of the knowledge that will help address the climate crisis...."




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