Energy News 9-10-2014

Dance to the Revolution 2014-09-13

Houston Chronicle – Two more LNG projects cross finish line for exports

The Department of Energy has authorized the Cameron LNG project in southwestern Louisiana as well as a much smaller Florida facility. With this approval, these plants become just the second and third facilities in the United States approved to export LNG. The Cameron facility is expected to export up to 1.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to Taiwan, Japan, and other countries that do not have free trade agreements with the U.S.


The American Interest – Poland reports Gazprom supply disruption

Poland’s gas monopoly has reported a 20% decline in Russian gas supplies and a German firm has reported slightly lower flows as well. Polish pipeline operator Gaz-System said that the reduction in supplies coming from Russia forced it to temporarily stop re-exporting natural gas to Ukraine.


Bloomberg – Putin oil deals with Exxon, Shell imperiled by sanctions

According to anonymous U.S. officials, the new sanctions against Russia over Ukraine would prohibit U.S. and European cooperation in oil exploration in Russia’s Arctic territory and shale formations. The added sanctions wouldn’t interfere with conventional drilling in Russia but could threaten to curtail Russia’s future oil production by limiting its exploration capabilities.


Business Spectator – BP chief urges Scotland to vote ‘No’

BP CEO Bob Dudley became the latest business leader to weigh in on Scotland’s upcoming independence vote, urging a ‘No’ vote. Dudley asserted that the future of Scotland’s North Sea oil reserves is best served by maintaining the current integrity of the United Kingdom.


USA Today – Blue and red states going green on energy policy

A bipartisan report by Stanford University and the Hoover Institution has found that states on both ends of the political spectrum have pushed energy efficiency and renewable power initiatives in recent years.