New on OASIS in July

Houghton Library Blog 2013-07-02

Playbill from Howard Athenaeum, January 12, 1857Finding aids for nine newly cataloged collections, and preliminary box lists for four recent acquisitions, have been added to the OASIS database this month, including programs of the Ballets Russes and playbills from Boston theaters.

Processed by Irina Klyagin: Ballets Russes Programs, 1907-1929 (MS Thr 965)

IUrii Nikiforovich Danilov Papers, 1920-1980 (MS Russ 125)   Processed by Micah Hoggatt and Susan Pyzynski, with the assistance of Bonnie B. Salt: Playbills and Programs from Boston Theaters, 1775-1988 (TCS 66)   Processed by Bonnie B. Salt: Lindsay Swift Papers Concerning the New England and Clifton Copper Company of Arizona, 1875-1909 (MS AmW 106)

William Sulzer Scrapbook, 1912-1923 (MS Am 2434)

Edward Palmer Papers Relating to the American West, 1840-1914 (MS AmW 2)

Guild Family and Eliot Family Papers, 1741-1847 (MS Am 2922)   PRELIMINARY BOX LIST, created by Andrea Cawelti with the assistance of Melanie Wisner, now on OASIS: John M. Ward Correspondence and Research Files, ca. 1940-2011 (2012TW-18)   PRELIMINARY BOX LISTS, created by Melanie Wisner, now on OASIS: Frances White Moffat Emerson and Donald Moffat Family Papers, ca. 1892-1958 (MS Am 2913)

Lesser Samuels Papers, ca. 1936-1979 (MS Thr 966)

Charles Patrick Neill Correspondence, ca. 1874-1930 (2012M-133)