Smart Girl

Geek Mama 2014-04-23

OH @railsconf: Hey, there goes the smart girl!

Of course, I turned around to see who they were talking about. But it was ME!

…Not exactly sure why I got singled out over the other women here who can probably code circles around my sorry git repo.

Oh. … I know why. It’s because I stood up after a talk and asked a question. A good question. The speaker even said, “That’s a good question, I wrote a blog post about that”.

Definitely one of those validation moments that you keep locked away in your heart forever.

But I’m not ‘the smart girl’. I’m a brave girl. I take risks. And I’ve gotten beaten up pretty hard because of that… but singing at RailsConf tomorrow will make it all worth it.

Every single woman here at RailsConf is a smart girl. And for surviving in this industry, likely a brave girl too.

<3 to all of you and the men who support you!