Roger Jackson’s Henry Miller

Modern Books and Manuscripts 2013-02-04

Today we focus our attention on books from the publishing house of book dealer, collector, and Henry Miller expert Roger Jackson. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jackson is Managing Editor of Nexus: The International Henry Miller Journal, and co-author of authoritative Miller bibliographies.  Since 1994 Jackson has published limited edition books by and about Henry Miller, as well works by Miller’s friends and associates. Roger Jackson editions are small, seldom longer than twenty-four pages, and diverse in content, encompassing memoir, poetry, letters, and interviews. It is their physical qualities, however, that make them so remarkable. Fine hand-made paper, deluxe storage containers, and whimsical decorative elements abound in Jackson’s publications.

Illustrative of Jackson’s approach to publishing is Henry Miller: 18 Individual Portraits and an Introductory Essay, by Peter Gowland, shown below. The book features photographic reproductions on gloss stock, and is signed by the author. The leaves are unbound but enclosed in a handsome envelope made from fibrous Nepalese lokta paper. Within this envelope are two further wrappers, first a black and gold paper from Thailand, and a second in natural white fiber paper embedded with a profusion of brightly colored silk strings. The cumulative effect of such lavish design affords the reader a pleasure that is both intellectual and tactile.

Lokta paper outer wrapper with decorative title label.

One of 18 portraits of Henry Miller by Peter Gowland showcased in this publication.

Decorative outer and inner wrappers, characteristic of Roger Jackson’s publications.

Gowland, Peter. Henry Miller: 18 Individual Portraits and an Introductory Essay. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Roger Jackson, 2000.  AC9.M6145.P2000ga

Thanks to Bibliographic Assistant Noah Sheola for contributing this post.