Road Trip in the 2 CV!

Modern Books and Manuscripts 2015-06-21

This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the newly acquired Julio Mario Santo Domingo Collection.


Introduced by Citroën at a Paris motor show in 1948 the 2 CV remained in production up until 1990.  Originally designed with practicality in mind the initial goal of the 2 CV was to carry a dozen eggs over a bumpy field without cracking any of the eggs.  Similar in appearance to the VW Beetle the 2 CV projects a sort of whimsical charm.

There were a number of 2 CV drivers that journeyed across the world including Henri Lochon and Jacques Cornet.  In 1953 they set out to conquer the Americas and Africa.  En 2 CV : chez les primitifs : Indiens Tarahumaras de la Sierra Mexicaine chronicles Lochon’s time among the Tarahumaras in Mexico.  Interestingly Cornet ended up having to return to France before they reached their first base camp so Lochon carried on with his friend Eric Waubert for this particular leg.  The book describes the adventures and challenges in the 2 CV as well as observations about the Tarahumaras, who were the indigenous peoples.  cov1_0014Though I’m not sure it is an “exceptional psychological document” as the jacket proclaims it does contain information about the social customs and ceremonies of the Tarahumaras.  Clearly Lochon was interested in their culture and shares information about their beliefs throughout the trip. For example he notes that according to tradition the females choose their own husbands.

cov1_0012  cov1_0022

cov1_0010En 2 CV : chez les primitifs : Indiens Tarahumaras de la Sierra Mexicaine / Henri Lochon. Lyon : E. Vinay c1956. F1221.T25L63 1956 can be found in Widener’s collection.

Thanks to Alison Harris, Santo Domingo Project Manager, for contributing this post.