VRM development work

ProjectVRM 2013-02-05

I’ll be having a brown bag lunch today with a group of developers, talking about VRM and personal clouds, among other stuff that’s sure to come up. To make that easier, I’ve copied and pasted the current list from the VRM developers page of the ProjectVRM wiki. If you’d like to improve it in any way, please do — either on the wiki itself, or by letting us know what to change.

While there are entire categories that fit in the larger VRM circle — quantified self (QS) and personal health records (PHRs) are two that often come up — we’ve tried to confine this list to projects and companies that directly address the goals (as well as the principles) listed on the main page of the wiki.

Here is a partial list of VRM development efforts. (See About VRM). Some are organizations, some are commercial entities, some are standing open source code development efforts.

SOFTWARE and SERVICES Intentcasting AskForIt † – individual demand aggregation and advocacy Body Shop Bids † – intentcasting for auto body work bids based on uploaded photos Have to Have † – “A single destination to store and share everything you want online” Intently † – Intentcasting “shouts” for services, in the U.K. Innotribe Funding the Digital Asset Grid prototype, for secure and accountable Intentcasting infrastructure OffersByMe † – intentcasting for local offers Prizzm †- social CRM platform rewarding customers for telling businesses what they want, what they like, and what they have problems with RedBeacon † – intentcasting locally for home services Thumbtack † – service for finding trustworthy local service providers Trovi intentcasting; matching searchers and vendors in Portland, OR and Chandler, AZ† Übokia intentcasting† Zaarly † intentcasting to community – local so far in SF and NYC Browser Extensions Abine † DNT+, deleteme, PrivacyWatch: privacy-protecting browser extentions Collusion Firefox add-on for viewing third parties tracking your movements Disconnect.me † browser extentions to stop unwanted tracking, control data sharing Ghostery † browser extension for tracking the trackers PrivacyScore † browser extensions and services to users and site builders for keeping track of trackers Databases InfoGrid - graph database for personal networking applications ProjectDanube - open source software for identity and personal data services Messaging Services and Brokers Gliph †- private, secure identity management and messaging for smartphones Insidr † – customer service Q&A site connecting to people who have worked in big companies and are willing to help when the company can’t or won’t PingUp (was Getabl) †- chat utility for customers to engage with merchants the instant customers are looking for something TrustFabric † – service for managing relationships with sellers Personal Data and Relationship Management Azigo.com † – personal data, personal agent ComplainApp † – An iOS/Android app to “submit complaints to businesses instantly – and find people with similar complaints” Connect.Me † – peer-to-peer reputation, personal agent Geddup.com † – personal data and relationship management Higgins - open source, personal data The Locker Project - open source, personal data Mydex †- personal data stores and other services OneCub †- Le compte unique pour vos inscriptions en ligne (single account for online registration) Paoga † – personal data, personal agent Personal.com † – personal data storage, personal agent Personal Clouds - personal cloud wiki Privowny † – privacy company for protecting personal identities and for tracking use and abuse of those identities, building relationships QIY † – independent infrastructure for managing personal data and relationships Singly † – personal data storage and platform for development, with an API Transaction Management Dashlane † – simplified login and checkout Trust-Based or -Providing Systems and Services id3 - trust frameworks Respect Network † – VRM personal cloud network based on OAuth, XDI, KRL, unhosted, and other open standards, open source, and open data initiatives. Respect Network is the parent of Connect.Me. Trust.cc Personal social graph based fraud prevention, affiliated with Social Islands SERVICE PROVIDERS OR PROJECTS BUILT ON VRM PRINCIPLES First Retail Inc. † commodity infrastructure for bi-directional marketplaces to enable the Personal RFP dotui.com † intelligent media solutions for retail and hospitality customers Edentiti Customer driven verification of idenity Real Estate Cafe † money-saving services for DIY homebuyers & FSBOs Hover.com Customer-driven domain management† Hypothes.is - open source, peer review MyInfo.cl (Transitioning from VRM.cl) † Neustar ”Cooperation through trusted connections” † NewGov.us - GRM [1] † – Service for controlling one’s reputation online Spotflux † malware, tracking, unwanted ad filtration through an encrypted tunnel SwitchBook † – personal search Tangled Web † – mobile, P2P & PDS The Banyan Project- community news co-ops owned by reader/members TiddlyWiki - a reusable non-linear personal Web notebook Ting † – customer-driven mobile virtual network operator (MVNO – a cell phone company) Tucows † VirtualZero - Open food platform, supply chain transparency INFRASTRUCTURE Concepts EmanciPay - dev project for customer-driven payment choices GRM: Government Relationship Management - subcategory of VRM ListenLog - personal data logging Personal RFP - crowdsourcing, standards R-button - UI elements for relationship members Hardware Freedom Box - personal server on free software and hardware Precipitat, WebBox - new architecture for decentralizing the Web, little server Standards, Frameworks, Code bases and Protocols Datownia † – builds APIs from Excel spreadsheets held in Dropbox Evented APIs - new standard for live web interactivity KRL (Kinetic Rules Language) - personal event networks, personal rulesets, programming Live Web interactions Kynetx † – personal event networks, personal rulesets https://github.com/CSEMike/OneSwarm Oneswarm] – privacy protecting peer-to-peer data sharing http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/persona/ Mozila Persona] – a privacy-protecting one-click email-based way to do single sign on at websites TAS3.eu — Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services - R&D toward a trusted architecture and set of adaptive security services for individuals Telehash - standards, personal data protocols Tent - open decentralized protocol for personal autonomy and social networking The Mine! Project - personal data, personal agent UMA - standards webfinger - personal Web discovery, finger over HTTP XDI - OASIS semantic data interchange standard PEOPLE Analysts and Consultants Ctrl-SHIFT † – analysts Synergetics † – VRM for job markets VRM Labs - Research HealthURL - Medical Consortia, Workgroups Fing.org - VRM fostering organization Information Sharing Workgroup at Kantara - legal agreements, trust frameworks Pegasus - eID smart cards Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) – industry collaborative Meetups, Conferences, and Events IIW: Internet Identity Workshop - yearly unconference in Mountain View VRM Hub - meeting in LondonNOTES: † Indicates companies. Others are organizations, development projects or both. Some development projects are affiliated with companies. (e.g. Telehash and The Locker Project with Singly, and KRL with Kynetx.) A – creating standard B – Using other standards 1 – EventedAPI