Lighting Our Capital Markets

The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation 2017-07-14

Posted by Kara M. Stein, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on Friday, July 14, 2017
Editor's Note: Kara M. Stein is a Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The following post is based on Commissioner Stein’s recent remarks in Boston, Massachusetts, available here. The views expressed in the post are those of Commissioner Stein and do not necessarily reflect those of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the other Commissioners, or the Staff.

I am so pleased to be with you today [July 11, 2017]. We all share an interest in ensuring that our markets are healthy. Strong and resilient markets are vital to having a strong and resilient economy.

Before I go further, let me pause to say that I am speaking today as an individual Commissioner and not on behalf of the SEC as a whole.

I was thinking last week about speaking with you, and I ran across an article about deep water corals. [1] Somehow, despite the low light environment of the deep ocean, corals that live hundreds of feet below the water’s surface also manage to glow in brilliant shades of orange and red.