Who wants a Dell XPS 420 desktop tower with the same amount of RAM as a mobile phone?

Philip Greenspun's Weblog 2013-09-05

I am trying to get rid of a recently wiped Dell XPS 420 tower PC (truly huge, with vast amounts of interior space and cooling; state of the art in 2007). I was thinking that it wasn’t a bad machine, actually, with four CPU cores and 3 GB of RAM. Then someone emailed me an article about the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone, which has…. 3 GB of RAM (and 8 CPU cores, but who is counting?).

[Separately, if you want to feel better about your Canon EOS 1D C body, which at $12,000 is one of the cheaper 4K video cameras out there, note that this new Samsung phone also can record 4K video.]

So… any gamers/system builders/Linux fans out there who want this Dell XPS 420 with a phone-sized RAM?