Idea for an employment agency: The 100th Week

Philip Greenspun's Weblog 2014-01-06

The federal government is winding down its five-year-old program of sending checks to people who held jobs relatively recently but currently are not working (nytimes; also see my January 2011 posting on the 99-weeks-of-Xbox system).

So here’s an idea for a business… An employment agency for the long-term unemployed. Offer intensive training in areas where there is currently a shortage of workers as well as relocation assistance to parts of the country where jobs are abundant (check this map). Get funding from state and federal government grants (e.g., from ) and maybe from employers if the new workers is successful during his or her first 90 days on the job. Call the company “The 100th Week”.

[Separately and curiously, the New York Times article on the subject highlights the difficulties of an "information technology expert and web designer" in finding a job. If he is truly an expert and truly cannot find a job (perhaps due to his age of 68) that indicates a terrible lack of efficiency in the employment market, since employers say that they are finding it impossible to recruit IT experts (the example guy is also in the Washington, D.C. area, which has arguably the best job market in the U.S. (this study says it is second best for college grads)).]