Best LCD television for use as a digital photo display?

Philip Greenspun's Weblog 2012-09-12


Looking at the cost of custom framing and the cost of flat-screen televisions, it occurs to me that it will be cheaper and obviously more flexible to mount an HDTV on the wall and use it to show photos than to print photos and frame them with non-glare glass. It also will be a lot more useful for business discussions because one can use the wall space for showing a document.

“Photo quality” is generally defined as 200 pixels per inch. That means, unfortunately, that an HDTV will be lower resolution than a print as soon as it exceeds about 10 inches in width. However, the quality in some ways might be better due to the backlit nature of the TV. (I’m aware that televisions complying with the new 4K standard would have much more resolution but they don’t seem to be available at a consumer price yet.)

So… who has tried this out? How does it look compared to a regular print that is behind glass?

Also, what is the best TV to use? Here are the criteria:

  • must be programmable so that it comes on in “photo display” mode so that there is no need to monkey with a remote control after a power failure (or maybe default to photo display mode if a USB stick is plugged in); I have found the deep menus of modern HDTVs to be truly painful
  • must be programmable to shut itself off at midnight, for example, and back on at 8 am (to save power)
  • must be daylight-viewable (means LCD is better than plasma?)
  • must have low power consumption (implies LED-lit)?

I would like to get these in sizes ranging from 50 to 60 inches.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

[I asked a somewhat similar question a couple of years ago, but any model/brand suggestions would be out of date.]