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Connotea Imports 2012-03-17


"Upwell isn’t a traditional marine conservation organization. We’re here to transform the ocean conversation. While we respect and utilize old school methods of identifying and addressing threats through media relations, Upwell is a nimble team trained to sift through the vast amounts of real-time social data online. We engineer strategies to condition the climate for change. The project is incubated by the Ocean Conservancy, and made possible by grants from the Waitt Foundation and other donors....We bring value to the existing work of ocean conservationists by leveraging and re-contextualizing a stream of curated content across many social platforms: blogs, video, short-form messaging like Twitter, discussion boards like Reddit, online mainstream media, and image-based platforms like Pinterest....From the abundant sea of online ocean content, the Upwell team curates ‘liquid’ content. These stories flow well through social media, sparking vibrant conversations. Upwell sometimes creates original stories, drawing value from our unique perspective as we float in the river of news....Finally, we share this benchmark and campaign data back with the sector. Upwell’s insights gleaned from big data analysis, as well as our campaign best practices are offered to our marine conservation colleagues openly...."



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