How much does it cost to get a scientific paper?

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"Out the 14 journals, 9 of them charge $30 per article or more. I looked at multiple Nature journals since the prices for each journal subscription varied so widely. Many times when we have students research a topic, we want them to look at multiple articles from multiple journals. Students might need to look at ten papers to complete an assignment. We also tend to have students investigate different topics. This means that we can't just give every student the same set of articles. Each student needs to get multiple articles from multiple sources, and each article could cost $30-35 at today's prices. Today, we can make do by having students stick to open access articles. RWA will kill that option. If papers were priced more reasonably, like songs in iTunes, we instructors would find RWA less alarming. But as it stands, if publishers charge the all articles with the prices they're using now, it will kill our ability to use the literature in the classroom."



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