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Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


From Google's English: "The whole misery of economic parasitism of scientific publishing has a whole bunch of unpleasant consequences: There are, of course, especially public funds, the tear, the publishers under the nail. Access to the knowledge of what has already been purchased expensive, must be purchased for a second time from the publishers. While public funds are always scarce. In general, the journals with the highest reputation, the more expensive, and the reputation of the scientist is thus of the worst off in this league. These circumstances also means that, theoretically at less well-heeled university employees can not even see their own publications. At the University of Potsdam we had access only to a handful of magazines and we always had our friends at MPI and s in the industry to ask PDFs of articles. In addition: Poor countries can not afford the subscriptions, ordinary Menschenvon the road without access to university libraries can not find information easily, and so on and so forth...."



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