GigaScience at #ICG6: announcing the release of GigaDB and new datasets

Connotea Imports 2012-07-31


"Another busy week for the GigaScience team, with the release of a new-look database, more datasets, and a number of talks and announcements at BGI's annual International Conference of Genomics in Shenzhen. It was a great (if exhausting) meeting this year, with the state-of-the art in genomics science on display, announcements of three exciting "Million Genomes" projects to come from the BGI and their many collaborators, and a chance to catch up with many members of our editorial board and friends....The biggest news at the meeting was the launch of our new-look website and additional datasets at the pre-conference data release workshop and press-conference. This is still very much in beta-form (comments and feedback greatly appreciated at, but builds upon our original release of datasets in July and presents them together in a single portal. Following the success of the outbreak E. coli 0:104 and Macaque genome datasets in demonstrating the practicalities of data citation, we have released another 20 datasets with citable DOIs. These span most of the tree of life, and include previously unsupported data-types...."


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