President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski declares support for building open government in Poland « Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska. A digital think-and-do tank.

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"According to the President, the process leading to open governement can not only improve the overall effectiveness of the state, but also affect wider citizen participation in the democratic process....Minister Boni recalled recent declaration related to public sector information made by Prime Minister Donald Tusk: “Everything that is public information or is financed from public funds, should be publicly accessible without monetary compensation, also for commercial use. Information prepared by the state and financed from taxpayers’ funds shouldn’t be controlled by the government, as the citizen wants to make use of the information generated with the use of his/her tax money”....The summary of the “Roadmap for Open Government in Poland” will be made available in English in July...." (PS: So far, I've seen no mention of OA for publicly-funded research.)


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